You say to someone someone „martial arts” and he imagines sweaty people throwing punches and kicks at one another or clamped together, striving to break or sever something off of

The price we pay

Damaged vertebrae, broken fingers, torn knee ligaments, Achilles tendon damages, neck muscle pains, pulses passing through limbs, numbness, injured intercostal muscles, torn feet tendons, and a number of other joint


There are many reasons why people go to sports clubs, where they learn how to harm and not to get harmed. Each of us leads a different life. In the


There comes a time when we question what we do. A time when our self-confidence takes time off. It take ears to maintain the designated course. Many people give up,

What is love?

People relate fighting to aggression. That is correct. They relate fighting to anger, rage, hatred. That is also a true idea. Why then those who are trained are in most